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What is TENZING?

Tenzing is a powerful, plant-based drink blended with 7 ingredients from nature. From our naturally energising green coffee beans, to our Rainforest Alliance Certified Green Tea, every can contains our triple-hit of natural caffeine, electrolytes from Himalayan Rock Salt, and Vitamin C from Mother Nature's masterpiece: plants.

What is in a can of TENZING?

Our natural energy comes purely from plants. Our unique blend combines natural caffeine from Green Coffee Beans, L-Theanine from Rainforest Alliance Certified Green Tea, Guarana, Lemon Juice, Electrolytes from Himalayan Rock Salt, Indian Gooseberries, and a low amount of Beet Sugar, as well as sparkling spring water. Unlike traditional energy drinks, TENZING contains no articifial sweeteners, colourings, or preservatives; not to mention the heaps of sugar you can find in most energy drinks.

Is your energy really natural?

Absolutely. Our drinks are completely free from artificial ingredients. That means no sweeteners and no nasty things you can’t pronounce...

Can I recycle my can once I've drunk it?

Yes! Our can is infinitely recyclable and BPA free (an industrial chemical that is used to coat most canned drinks, which can seep into liquid within).

Is TENZING vegetarian and vegan friendly?

Yes, and YES! Our drink is 100% vegan friendly.

What functional benefits does TENZING have?

Tenzing has four main functional benefits: 1. Natural caffeine from Green Coffee offers a natural energy boost 2. Vitamin C from our Indian Gooseberries helps fight fatigue 3. Electrolytes from Himalayan Rock Salt helps maintain hydration 4. L-Theanine from Green Tea aids relaxation and calmness

Where do you get your caffeine from?

Our natural caffeine comes from a combination of Rainforest Alliance Certified Green Tea, Green Coffee and Guarana. Natural caffeine is steadily metabolised, giving you an uplift, without the jitters or crash afterwards. With the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, and L-theanine from our Green Tea.

What environmental projects do you work on?

Together with the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC), we've built bins to help alleviate litter in the Himalayas. Closer to home (our office) we've teamed up with air quality experts at King’s College London to create the Clean Air Tracker, which syncs with running tool STRAVA to show the live Air Quality Score of the user’s route – raising awareness about the issue of air pollution in London as well as a solution for the growing running community.

Where can I get Tenzing in Ireland

You can currently pick us up in many SuperValu's, Centra's, Holland & Barrett, Indepedent Health Food Stores, Adeventure Centers, Gyms and Offices Nationwin in Dublin, Wicklow & Kildare with stockists in Cork and Galway too! Want to see us closer to where you live? Want to find your nearest stockists? Drop us a message today!